La Table de Maucoil

Duration: 2h30 Price: €100 euros per person, 4 to 20 people, from Monday to Saturday, booking required up to a week before date of visit.


Presenting a fresh gastronomic chapter envisioned by Chef Jean-Claude Altmayer, the creative mind behind the acclaimed Table Haute de la Mirande*.

Set on the historic grounds of Château Maucoil, Jean Claude Altmayer embarks on a new venture : gathering guests and connoisseurs around extravagant reimaginations of age-old local dishes. La Table de Maucoil invites you to share a convivial experience around a tasting of the estate's wines, followed by a lunch that artfully showcases treasures of the local terroir.

With years of experience at the heart of French haute gastronomy, Chef Altmayer's savoir-faire will delight your taste buds. La Table de Maucoil invites you to a delightful experience of refined flavours, where cookery and oenology meet to create an unforgettable experience at the heart of Château Maucoil. 


Chef Jean-Claude Altmayer

After an illustrious career as a maître d'hôtel in some of France's finest Michelin-starred establishments, Jean-Claude Altmayer fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a chef by the age of 40. He created the “Table Haute de la Mirande", a culinary haven where he eloquently conveyed his talent through sumptuous renditions of traditional cuisine, steeped in heartfelt dedication.

Today, the stage shifts to “La Table de Maucoil”, situated at peaceful Château Maucoil where Chef Altmayer extends an invitation for you to partake in an intimate luncheon, embodying a spirit of sharing and camaraderie.